Wild Symbols

Wild Symbol

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have been used in slot machines for decades and act to replace any symbol to complete winning line combinations when possible. Of course some slots have restrictions in place where Wild symbols can not replace Scatter symbols for example, but for the most part, these valuable icons help to achieve more frequent wins.


Expanding WildsExpanding Wilds

Expanding Wild Symbols are an exciting feature that permit a wild symbol to fill an entire reel when hit.  The result is a Wild spanning many more paylines and giving you more opportunities to win on your single spin!  This is one of our favorite features overall.

One incredible free slot on our site featuring Expanding Wilds is Golden Gorilla.


Stacked WildsStacked Wilds

The Stacked Wilds feature is very similar to the Expanding Wilds feature.  The difference is that unlike Expanding Wilds that stretch after being hit to fill the reel, Stacked wilds refer to a group of wilds that are stacked on top of each other and cling to each when the reels spin. If a Stacked Wild has 3 Wilds stacked together on a 5-reel x 3-row slot, hitting it with the best spin could turn the entire reel Wild.  The potential exists however that the entire stack might not fall on the reel but you can still get 1-2 Wilds.


Trailing WildsTrailing Wilds

A trailing wild is a creative feature that actually creates a clone of itself after the spin; the original wild symbol then remains in its original position, while the clone slides down one position on the reel. The process can repeat after the next spin, until the last position on the reel has been occupied by a wild symbol.  This can result in some serious wins.


Sticky WildSticky Wilds

The Sticky Wild is a feature that is really catching on in online slots with manufacturers from Rival Powered to NetEnt to Microgaming all having some variation of the feature. The really special thing about a sticky wild is that after it has been struck, it holds its place for at least 1 additional re-spin.  That gives you an extra chance to spin the reels with the Wild Symbol remaining in place for that second chance spin. Often if an additional sticky wild is struck during the extra spin round, an additional spin will be granted until no more Sticky Wilds are hit.


Dashing WildsDashing Wilds

This feature involves extra wilds, and when you spin the reels, four ‘Dashing’ wilds will appear, moving across each row and settling in random positions just before the reels stop spinning. This feature is specific to Secret Santa slot.