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R. Franco GamesDepending on the region of the planet that you’re from R. Franco may be a household name to you or completely foreign. The important thing to know is that this industry veteran is a trusted longstanding group that has evolved through the decades and is now producing some great online slots.  R. Franco started way back in 1965 when Joaquin and Jesus Franco Munoz entered the gaming industry from a small workshop in Spain.  They were the first in the country to start manufacturing and operating games and operated as the incorporation Recreativos Franco, S.A.


Their history from 1965 is long and rich in the Spanish gaming industry.  The decade that spanned from 1975 to 1995 saw huge international expansion with their machines in casinos in the Netherlands, France, Russia, Norway, Italy, the UK and Sweden among others.  They also naturally branched into Latin American countries where their Spanish roots could help them to easily penetrate those markets. From 2005 to 2015 there was a shift in the business models at R. Franco and development began to include online gaming, which we know is the present and future.  It was also a banner year for the company as they celebrated their 50th anniversary!  Now in 2016, the group has seen the official launch of their online brand R. Franco Games.


R. Franco Slots Online


Though it may have taken some time for R. Franco to take the leap online (2016!), this famous slot machine creator has launched with a full suite of games that includes RF Big Catch, Eastern Dreams, RF Angels, Gnomos among others. Watch this page if you’re a fan of RF Games because we’ll continue to add them as they become available!

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