Bonus Games

Bonus Games

Bonus Games in Slot Machines


When playing online slots, you’re offered two different ways winning opportunities.  One is through straight slot symbol combinations on the reels, and the other is through bonus games opportunities that you “unlock” when hitting specific icon combos. Slots Bonus Games can take many different forms including Free Spins bonus games, Pick-em Prize Rounds, additional in-game play features and even more adventurous skill based bonus rounds.


Bonus Round Features

The purpose of the bonus features in slots is to give you the opportunity for quick big wins while breaking up the monotonous routine of spinning the reels. The potential for immediate and sizeable wins in Bonus Rounds can really give you a rush. While online slots technology advances and competition among developers gets more fierce, the bonus rounds have become more complex but also more rewarding.


The Trigger

A slots bonus round is usually triggered by a particular combination of symbols, usually the wild, scatter, or a dedicated symbol. A game may require 3, 4, or 5 symbols, for example, to appear on an active payline in order to trigger the round.  One such example of this is the incredible fun Golden Gorilla slot machine. Other games have other requirements, such as collecting a number of items over the course of multiple spins like the game Untamed Crowned Eagle.


Untamed Crowned Eagle - Collect a Wild

Untamed Crowned Eagle – Collect a Wild

Pick-em Prize Rounds

Most bonus rounds take you away from the main slot and onto a new screen where the pick-me bonus round happens. Click me events are quite popular and offer you a selection of items to choose via mouse click. Sometimes the prize is immediate coin wins while other times the prize is a multiplier that will multiply your win amount, while still others may offer free spins.  Some pick-em prize rounds take place right on the reels instead of you being taken to another screen which keeps the pace of the game moving swiftly.


Skill-based Features

Many recent slots have taken the bonus slots to another level, creating an actual game within a game. Although many slot manufacturers call the bonus rounds skill-based, we find that they are still mostly determined by the casino prior to you playing. There is a certain amount of skill required depending on the type of game you’re required to play. You may find yourself playing golf on the back nine or taking part in one of many carnival games at the midway.

One very popular style of slot allows you to take part in a narrative, involving you in an intricate story line. These types of slots are called i-Slots and were conceived of years ago by Rival Powered, even making an appearance in Soap Opera Digest magazine many years ago.  These slots typically offer fun and involved bonus rounds that go along with the intricate story lines.


Free Spins

Next to Pick-em Prize Rounds, Free Spins as a bonus feature is one of the most common and easiest to play.  The paytable is the best place in a slot machine to view the Free Spins bonus feature rewards as all slots are different with varying amounts of spins awraded. There are also many slots today that offer multipliers of different amounts to your free spins wins.