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Zombie aPOPalypse

Zombie aPOPalypse

Zombie aPOPalypse


Zombie aPOPalypse: A Thrilling Popcorn-Popping Adventure of a slot!


Do you have what it takes to save the world from a zany zombie invasion? Well, grab your trusty popcorn-popping bazooka, because “Zombie aPOPalypse” is here to take you on a wild and hilarious ride through the undead-infested streets!


The game, developed by AvatarUX, is a delightful blend of action, strategy, and quirky humour. In “Zombie aPOPalypse,” you step into the shoes of Poppy, a fearless popcorn-loving hero who’s determined to rid the city of zombies with her unique weapon of choice – a bazooka that shoots delicious, buttery popcorn!


The gameplay is easy to pick up, yet challenging to master. Your goal is to strategically launch popcorn at the zombies, making them explode into confetti and clearing the way to save innocent bystanders. The more zombies you pop, the more points you earn, and the higher your score goes! Paylines in the game vary from 2048 to 6250 with an RTP of 96.0%.  The top prize can reach 20,000x your bet per spin!


But it’s not just about mindlessly blasting zombies; you’ll need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to spot the special zombies with unique abilities. From disco-dancing zombies to zombie chefs wielding giant rolling pins, every encounter is a laugh-out-loud surprise.


The game’s graphics are vibrant and cartoony, adding to the game’s overall charm. And the catchy soundtrack will have you bopping along as you send those undead party crashers flying!


“Zombie aPOPalypse” offers hours of hilarious entertainment, making it a perfect choice for casual gamers and anyone looking for a good time. Plus, there are plenty of power-ups and upgrades to keep you addicted and coming back for more.


So, are you ready to pop your way to victory and save the world from the wackiest zombie invasion ever? “Zombie aPOPalypse” is your ticket to a popcorn-popping, gut-busting adventure that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Grab it now and get ready to laugh your way through the apocalypse!

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