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Scales of Dead

Scales of Dead

Scales of Dead


Unearth the Scales of Dead Adventure!


Join a daring scout on an epic expedition through the sun-soaked sands of Ancient Egypt in search of the legendary Golden Snake Tomb, rumoured to guard untold riches. Will you be the one to aid this intrepid explorer on their quest?


Key Features


Riches of the Tomb: To claim your treasures, you must align at least three symbols of the Coloured Royal, Serpent, Fox, Falcon, or Amulet. When the desert winds howl and a sandstorm engulfs the reels, three Tomb Scatters will unleash the mystical Original Free Spins. In this enchanted round, you can earn up to eight Free Spins, with the possibility of dazzling Special Symbols and Multipliers gracing your journey.


Expanding Symbols: Unlock the mysteries of the expanding symbols! Trigger them by securing enough winning symbols on the reels after regular triumphs. Low-Paying symbols demand a special symbol on three or more reels, while High-Paying symbols require two or more. Once the conditions are met, a unique symbol will emerge, replacing the ordinary ones on the affected reels. Watch as gold-encrusted animations unveil coveted rewards.


Sandstorm Free Spins: In the heart of the sandstorm, fortunes await! When two or more Scatter symbols grace your Free Spins, brace yourself for the Sandstorm Free Spins. This feature bestows four Free Spins, accompanied by a random Multiplier that can boost your fortunes to new heights. It’s as unpredictable as a desert tempest. Secure two additional Scatter symbols to rekindle the Sandstorm Free Spins, potentially multiplying your winnings tenfold!


The Gamble Round: The thrill of the unknown beckons! Should your winnings fall short of 2500 coins, the Gamble tool becomes your compass. Guess the right colour to double your gains or predict the correct suit to quadruple them. The Gamble Round lets you play this high-stakes game up to five times or until you reach the 2500-coin limit. Adventure just got a whole lot spicier!


Ready to brave the swirling sands and uncover the secrets of the Golden Snake Tomb? Your epic journey through the Scales of Dead awaits!

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