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Rogue Rats of Nitropolis

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis


Welcome to the chaotic world of Rogue Rats of Nitropolis, where the wasteland is ruled by daring rodents on a mission for Nitro domination! These rogue rats are wreaking havoc on the Nitropolis Police Department, blowing up everything in sight while hunting for precious Nitro.


In this infinite grid slot adventure by Elk Studios, you’ll join the mischievous rats as they scurry across the desolate landscape, collecting symbols and causing chaos at every turn. But beware, the NDP Radar is on high alert, and every explosion only fuels the fire of rebellion!


With the CollectR™ mechanic at your disposal, you’ll upgrade symbols, multiply your wins, and trigger thrilling bonus features on your path to victory. Keep an eye out for the elusive Nitro Blob, the key to upgrading your symbols and unlocking even greater rewards.


But it’s not all about destruction—there are instant coin wins waiting to be claimed and new vehicles to commandeer as you navigate the treacherous terrain. And when you’ve collected enough fuel, unleash the power of the X-iter™ to enhance your gaming experience with five different modes, each offering its own unique thrills and rewards.


The excitement doesn’t stop there! Trigger the bonus game by collecting two bonus symbols and dive into a frenzy of free spins where every spin comes with a Nitro fuel boost. And for the bravest of players, there’s the super bonus game, offering massive wins of up to 25,000x your bet!


So gear up, grab your rodent companion, and get ready to join the Rogue Rats of Nitropolis in their quest for riches and rebellion. It’s time to unleash chaos and claim your place in the wasteland!

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