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Monopoly: Dream Life Slot

Monopoly: Dream Life


Try the free Monopoly Dream Life slot which gives you a chance to trigger a bonus on every spin. Monopoly Dream Life is a 20 payline video slot game that is fun for the young and old, and everyone in between!


There are three different bonus features in the Monopoly Dream Life Video Slot. Two of these features are activated in game to multiply your winnings or get you free spins while the third feature is a separate mini game that you can play in order to rack up free spins at whatever amount you had bet beforehand. The first bonus feature is a “Stacked Wild.” This bonus is common in many 5 reel paylines and basically allows the player to potentially win a “wild” symbol on multiple blocks of the reel. Wild symbols can count as any symbol. For example if you get four cash stacks and a wild you will essentially have 5 cash stacks and you will be paid accordingly.


The second bonus is the “FreeFall Symbols Bonus.” When this feature activates after your spin reel symbols will drop from the top of the screen down into the reel and fill in any spaces that have been left empty. This gives you the chance to potentially win again and is basically a free spin disguised as a bonus feature. The way to look at the Freefall Symbols Bonus is to imagine that every time you play the slot you are actually a two for one deal on spins due to this bonus.


The third and final bonus offered is the “Dream Life Bonus”. In order to receive this bonus you must line up three bonus symbols anywhere on your five reel slot. Once you activate this bonus you will be brought to a separate screen and be allowed to play a mini game where the prizes are extra spins. You will have the option to choose one of 16 cards that are face down. Every card represents a certain number of free spins and getting pairs, triplets and four of a kind multiplies the amount of free spins you get from the game. Once you finish you will be taken back to the reels and be allowed to use your free spins which actually have more wild symbols so your chances of winning are a little bit higher.


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