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Monkeys VS Sharks Slot

Monkeys VS Sharks Slot

Monkeys VS Sharks


The monkeys are in jeopardy in the new slot machine Monkeys VS Sharks! They are under the threat of being attacked in an epic battle when the sharks attack! Have you got the guts to use the unique destructive powers of the monkeys, challenge the enemy and knock down the sharks? Monkeys vs. Sharks video slot successfully combines the passion for Slot playing with a unique theme that pits the lovable jungle creatures against the cruel and vicious ocean dwellers. The slot combines 5-reels with 25-paylines with enjoyable graphics, vivid and bright colours and amusing sounds.


Monkeys VS Sharks Features:


FREE SPIN: the occurrence of three, or more Free Spin symbols guarantees the player a number of free spins. The free spins will be performed on all the lines selected for the game that allowed the winning of the Free Spin.
WILD: this symbol works as a Joker, as long as it replaces the missing sign to get even better chance of winning.
AUTOPLAY: it allows the player to automatically play several games in a row.
FAST PLAY: the reels spin faster to provide the player a quicker and more exciting game.
SPIN STOP: this feature allows the player to stop the spin at any time he wishes, making the game faster and increasing the frequency of play during the session.
BONUS GAME: when this symbol appears, the player will catapult six monkeys to hit the sharks and drown them into the ocean. The player will win the sum of all the amounts corresponding to each drowned shark.


Select your bet size, number of paylines that you’d like to play, and spin to win!

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