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Kaiju is a futuristic 5-reel slot by Elk Studios that is designed for mobile first. It brings a unique mix of free spins, wilds and expanding reels to the game with superior graphics. Generous paylines generate up to 7,776 ways to win and a chance to win as much as 130440 coins.


Imagine a futuristic world where humans thrive in technology but it has been achieved at the cost of almost the whole planet being destroyed. Humans now only reside on a highly developed and hyper functional manmade island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; the last human settlement.


Kaiju constitute a thin line between mankind’s complete destruction and the possibilities for a better world. The Kaiju are cursed to grow crystals and gems on their skin. The heavy stones hurt the Kaiju and turn them into angry beasts, who take out their frustration on the humans. Kaiju are majestic creatures covered with precious stones in different colours. They are strong, fierce and aggressive.


All hope lies in the hands of a female cyborg, HA-42, who can move at
the speed of the light and who has destructive firepower and endless endurance. Most important of all though – she has a strong human heart. The fact that HA-42 is powered by a compact nuclear reactor makes her the ultimate weapon of humanity. She hunts Kaiju, takes away their harmful gems and crystals which brings them back to a harmless state of hibernation. The collected gems are used by the humans as currency for trading.


Spin on and join HA-42 in the battle for mankind!


Slot Features


Free Spins Bonus Game – Three HA-42 symbols on the three middle reels trigger the free spins bonus game. Kaiju Battle Free Spins starts off with 7 free spins. A random Kaiju opponent is selected among the red, green and blue. Each Kaiju has its individual pattern of hot spots which have to be activated by vertical lasers to be defeated. The hot spots are located on the 3 rows above the normal 5×3 reels. Vertical lasers revealing wilds make the reels expand upwards. A reel cannot expand above a hot spot.


Vertical Laser – Three or more identical symbols, which are vertically connected, generate a vertical laser which in turn reveals a wild and expands the reel upwards. The expanded reel stays for the remaining free spins. The laser is activated prior to the payout, and the wilds only stay for the current spin. All reels can expand up to its hot spot. Each expansion generates 1 extra free spin. A Kaiju is defeated when all its hot spots are activated by vertical lasers. The last vertical laser, the one which finally defeats the Kaiju, turns all the symbols in the vertical combination to sticky wilds. All the sticky wilds stay for the remaining free spins.



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