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Play Ghostbusters Slot Online

Ghostbusters Slot Online

Ghostbusters Slot

Who ya gonna call? Of course Ghostbusters and you can do it in the free Ghostbusters slot. Based on the hit movie franchise, this paranormal slot features all of the famous characters like Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the entire Ghostbusters team including Egon and crew.


The reels are set against a darkened New York City where ghosts are haunting the lives of New Yorkers. It’s up to one team to defend its citizens and they area all on the reels to help you win prizes. You will also see the Ghostbusters logo, slimer, proton packs, the famous Ghostbuster car and more on the reels.


Ghostbusters Slot Machine Features


Ballroom Buster Bonus

In the Ballroom Buster Bonus, you’ll strap on a proton pack just like in the movie. The pack helps to fire at objects and blow up the room. The player has to find the hidden ghosts in five attempts. Each captured ghost will reward the player with credits. Sometimes, a lucky player can find a ghost with a multiplier to double the credits.


Stay Puft Free Games

Once the Stay Puft Free Games feature is activated, marshmallows shower from the sky. On sticking to the symbols on the screen, they transform into wild multiplier symbols. The wild multiplier symbols double the payouts for the winning combinations.


Psychic Bonus Round

In this round you will need to pick a card that matches with the one Dr. Venkman holds up on the screen to win the bonus prize rewards. This round is called the Psychic Bonus round.


Paranormal Pick Bonus Round

There are five levels of Paranormal Pick Bonus that enable the player to pick from green phantasm clouds for an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. The player has to chase Slimer to pick one of the five bonus options. Each option will take the player into bonus rounds of paranormal progressives. On placing a maximum bet, the player will receive an assured reward.


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