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Ghostbusters Plus Slot

Ghostbusters Plus Slot


Always wanted to be a member of the Ghostbusters? Now you can by playing Ghostbusters Plus slot machine from IGT! Trigger Ghost Battles and zap ghosts to earn Ghost Wilds that queue up for future spins and thrilling wins! Level up by trapping ghosts and unlocking new Equipment Features to help obtain those supernatural payouts. Every new level unlocks new ghosts that can drop improved Ghost Wilds that award even greater riches. Paranormal excitement awaits in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus, featuring Ghost Wilds on every spin for hair-raising rewards.


Slot Features


Ghost Wilds – Ghost Wilds are dropped into the Ghost Queue during the Ghost Battle. They are then triggered next spin after the Ghost Battle. There are three types of Ghost Wilds: Multiplier Ghost Wilds, Expanding Ghost Wilds and Extra Ghost Wilds. Each type has four variants, however only the first three variants are available in the base game and all four variants are available in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus. Unlock Ghost Wilds types by leveling up. Only Multiplier Ghost Wilds are available starting at level 1. See Level Up Plus feature for details. All Ghost Wilds types are available in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus starting at Level 1. All Ghost Wilds awarded are placed to guarantee the maximum win possible on the reel outcome. If there are three Bonus symbols on the reel and a wild is placed on any of them the Zuul Free Spins Bonus will still trigger. If there is a Ghost symbol on the reel and a wild is placed on it the Ghost Battle feature will still trigger. Expanding Ghost Wilds may expand over Wild symbols already displayed on the reels.


Ghost Battle Feature – The Ghost Battle is triggered when a Ghost Symbol lands on the centre reel. Once triggered, tap the ghost on the reels to zap it. Each ghost takes up to three zaps before it retreats. Each zap drops a Ghost Wild into the Ghost Queue. Any ghost that reaches zero health becomes captures and the player levels up as described in the LevelUp Plus section.


Ghost Queue – The Ghost Queue holds the Ghost Wilds that dropped during the Ghost Battle. Each spin after the Ghost Battle is completed, the leftmost Ghost Wild in the queue is awarded and removed from the queue. The Ghost Queue can hold up to 20 Ghost Wilds. No new Ghost Wilds are dropped when the Ghost Queue is full. The Ghost Queue is remembered separately for each bet level.


Equipment Feature – Equipment Features may trigger randomly after any base game spin. At level 1, only the Proton Pack is unlocked. Other types of equipment are unlocked per the LevelUp Plus feature. Equipment Features always trigger before any Ghost Wilds are triggered.


Tobin’s Spirit Guide – Activate this feature by reaching the top level, Level 10. Once Tobin’s Spirit Guide is unlocked, use the Level Up screen to choose the ghost that appears during the Ghost Battle feature.


Level Up Feature – Permanently increase the payback of the game and unlock new game features with the Level Up Plus feature. Capture ghosts in Ghost Battles to level up. The current ghost’s health bar is displayed at the top left of the base game screen, below the ghost’s portrait. The current level is also displayed below the remaining health. Every time a ghost is defeated it loses health. Capture the ghost when its health is completely depleted. Check your progress by pressing the question mark (?) button to review the LevelUp screen. Level progress is saved between the player’s sessions.


Zuul Free Spins Bonus – The Zuul Battle is triggered when 3 Bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 in the base game. Zap Zuul five times to start the Zuul Free Spins Bonus. Each time Zuul is zapped, he awards a free spin and a Ghost Wild for use in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus for a total of five spins and five Ghost Wilds. The Zuul Battle is retriggered when 3 Bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus. Re-triggering the Zuul Free Spins Bonus starts a new Zuul Battle where Zuul is tapped two times and two more spins with a new Ghost Wild for each spin are awarded. The bonus can be retriggered multiple times, up to a maximum of 25 free spins per bonus. Reels used in the Zuul Free Spins Bonus are different from the reels used in the base game. All Ghost Wilds are unlocked during the bonus, along with three bonus only variants.



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