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One one of the safest and most advanced Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency wallets is You might recognize their name from UFC fights, Philadelphia 76ers, F1 Races, LA’s Angel City Football Club, Paris Saint-Germain, the Arena (formerly Staples Center in Los Angeles) or from a number of other highly recognizable partners they have signed with over the past few years. is one of the most familiar and trustworthy brands in the Crypto game and signing up with them ensures you are with a trusted industry veteran.  Best of all, this is a US friendly crypto bank that even offers a rewards-packed metal Crypto VISA debit card! You can use your card at online casinos, Starbucks, or anywhere that accepts VISA worldwide.


Sign up to receive your Card today and they’ll give you $25 Free in native CRO cryptocurrency Rewards. Other perks of using the VISA include:


MCO Visa Card Perks:


  1. • App Available World-wide
  2. • Visa Card currently available in USA, Canada APAC and Europe.
  3. • Spending Cashback Rewards
  4. • CRO Staking Rewards
  5. • Netflix Subscription Reimbursement
  6. • Spotify Subscription Reimbursement
  7. • LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge Access


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History of Bitcoin


There is an incredible shift happening in the world of finance and trade.  Prior to 3000 years ago, humankind would barter for what they needed, trading domestic livestock, vegetables, grains and spices.  Then around 600 BC came the introduction of the first official modern currency that allowed trade to flourish.


It’s taken a few thousand years but paper and coin money is starting to be replaced and at an even more rapid rate today. From the first credit card invented in 1946, to European mobile banking in 1999, the era of fiat currency has parted to allow for the new era of Cryptocurrencies and the continuation of mobile payments.


In 2008 the domain was registered and later that same year a link to a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System was posted to a mailing list. This new system of electronic transaction was cryptographically secure and removed the need to rely on governments and banks for transactions with your money.


We are now in the era of regulation where governments around the world have accepted the move into digital currencies and are themselves preparing for the future. We have a great opportunity today to jump into the next era of financial transacting while prices are low and the industry is still in its infancy.  You’re entering at the perfect time to learn about cryptocurrency and the future of digital finance!

Casinos love Crypto


Lucky for us, one of the first industries to adopt bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a mass scale is the online casino industry.  There are plenty of reputable gaming establishments that now offer players all over the world fast, secure and simple deposits with cryptocurrencies. One of the absolute best casinos in our opinion is Supernova Casino.  This fun casino offers some of the top slots and table games available online.  You can play on desktop or mobile, with special promotions available to new and VIP players. Claim $50 Free for signing up and then make your deposits now with Bitcoin.

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